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Anyone who has spent time and money developing an app wants their product to be found on the App Store and Google Play. We make you visible to users!

In the two largest app platforms alone – the Apple App Store and Google Play – there are about 6.1 billion apps. Every day, around 7,000 new mobile applications are added. To stand out from the competition and promote a software product within this crowded market is no easy task.

Among the biggest challenges for app publishers is the user behavior of today’s smartphone users. Above all, new apps have a hard time finding their way onto mobile phones: in Adobe’s largescale study, it was discovered that the number of new installations per use has dropped since 2014.

Nevertheless, you can successfully market your own app, increase your sales, and engage both new and existing users with your brand—and we know how! We gladly pass on our knowledge and know-how to you and your employees as part of our workshops.

Mobile-App Services

ASO – App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) plays a central role in mobile app marketing. As with general Search Engine Optimization, ASO is about increasing the visibility of your app. The goal is to make it as prominent as possible within the organic (unpaid) search results when a user searches for an app with the corresponding features on the Apple App Store or on Google Play. With the exception of personal recommendations, the app stores are the main point of contact for mobile users.

In one approach, optimizing your app means presenting it with exactly those keywords that are typically used in associated search queries—taking into account the title, description text, and also the app’s keyword field. In another, we’ll take a variety of optimization measures for you, with the understanding that downloading the app in the ASO context is a primary conversion that may offer a range of different follow-on conversions, such as improving brand awareness or increasing your sales directly via premium features.

Mobile Advertising

In addition to App Store Optimization, we can advise you on additional channels that should not be missed in a balanced mobile app marketing strategy. Aside from classic tools such as TV ads or the use of smart banners on your own website, both Google Play and Apple’s German store offer opportunities to run ads for apps. With our expertise, you can design your App Store Ads to guarantee the best possible reach for your target group.

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