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Digital PR Case Study


Digital PR Case Study
HelloFresh achieves over 100 clippings through pizza campaign


How a Digital PR campaign can improve organic Google rankings and increase brand awareness.

HelloFresh is the world’s leading provider of cooking boxes based in Berlin. In order to reach as many people as possible and also further strengthen its online presence, the company set itself the goal of improving its organic Google ranking and increasing its own brand awareness.

As a solution, we recommended HelloFresh a digital PR campaign on the topic of “pizza”. With the help of a survey, the creation of a landing page and targeted seeding, we were able to help HelloFresh achieve over 100 clippings and a visibility increase of over 100% and thus also improved brand awareness.




Food & beverage


  • Digital PR campaign

  • Landingpage creation

  • Seeding

The challenge

As an online company, HelloFresh already has a strong online presence. This was to be further strengthened by a digital PR campaign. The goal was to improve the organic Google ranking and increase brand awareness. The campaign was to generate a total of 20-25 clippings, meaning all mentions of the campaign. This includes dofollow and nofollow backlinks on the internet, articles in print media as well as mentions in social media, TV and radio. The target markets for HelloFresh’s campaigns were Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France.

The solution

  • Development and conception of a content marketing campaign
  • Content and technical implementation and development of a landing page
  • Creation of appealing visualizations
  • Targeted distribution of content (seeding)

The implementation

In order to reach as many people as possible with the campaign, our digital PR team asked itself which dish tastes good to almost everyone and thus provides a good basis for a campaign. It quickly became clear that pizza is the international go-to food that just about everyone can identify with.

But how do you get journalists and readers to see added value in the campaign so that they spread it and share it with other people? The answer is both simple and ingenious: new information that readers have not heard before. And this can be generated by a study that has not been done before in this form either. For this reason, the Digital PR team conducted a survey on the topic of pizza, which was intended to clarify important questions, such as the polarizing issue of pineapple on a pizza.

The results and data were then analyzed to make statements regarding regions and pizza consumption and presented on a landing page.

The results

After the pizza campaign was published, HelloFresh’s meal box directory saw a visibility increase of over 100%. The ranking number of organic keywords also increased sharply after the official launch of the campaign. The campaign ended up generating over 100 clippings, 74 backlinks, 12 social media shares, as well as a TV feature on RTL and a radio feature on OE3.




visibility increase




print clippings

TV feature on RTL Germany

TV Screen from RTL

The campaign is known from

About HelloFresh

HelloFresh is the world’s leading provider of cooking boxes. The company’s goal is to find new solutions for how people can eat simply and healthily. In doing so, the company also makes sure that customers save money with every meal and at the same time receive food of high quality. This way, each person can enjoy balanced and delicious meals, while at the same time wasting less food.

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