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Our services

As a SEO agency, we support you holistically in the development of successful international SEO strategies. Together we develop customized concepts and support you in all relevant areas around international SEO.

Strategic SEO (SEO strategies)

From the development of keyword strategies, potential analyses, technical audits and relaunch support to needs analyses and strategies in the area of content and offpage – our services in strategic search engine optimization for multilingual websites are diverse and are always individually adapted to your needs and goals.

International content & keyword strategies

In the course of a content and keyword strategy, we work with you to develop a concrete needs analysis for the respective target market concerning the nature of your business model, your website, and your target group. This will determine how much content is needed and in what form it is required for maximum success.

International content

Depending on the target market, our knowledgeable international experts will adapt your existing content or create new texts that are valuable to your future users and optimized for search engines. The process of transcreation does not only include a pure text translation into other languages but also includes preceding research about cultural conditions and the culturally shaped search behavior.

International domain strategies

Depending on the target market and taking into account individual circumstances, we decide together with you which domain strategy is the right one for your goals and then implement it with you.

International offpage measures

We offer international offpage strategies in the areas of offpage audits, disavow analyses, reconsideration requests, and offpage competition analyses.

Relaunch & migration support

We ensure that your international relaunch succeeds without any loss of visibility or traffic. For a smooth process, we consider SEO already in the planning phase and thoroughly prepare the technical migration.

Your benefits with Claneo as partner

Everything from a single source

We are familiar with all aspects of search engine optimization. That’s why we can plan and implement SEO and SEA measures as well as content strategies for you, both locally and internationally: This way, you place your brand with consistent quality and success in all markets.

Cost advantage

Successful international SEO, SEA, and content marketing needs experts with a lot of know-how and experience. Managing this in-house often means having to implement additional processes with expensive overhead costs. With us as your partner, you save these costs.

Sparring partnership

In order to achieve good organic rankings in the long term, continuous search engine optimization is necessary. We are at your side as an experienced partner and form the perfect complement to your in-house team.

Excellent quality

At Claneo, we attach great importance to the quality of our work and invest specifically in the further training of our employees. For this reason, we regularly have our services and expertise audited by independent institutions such as the German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW).

Country experts

We can handle more than 10 languages in-house and have expertise in the respective markets. That’s why we are one of the few German agencies that can provide excellent international support for our clients.

Our country experts

Those who want to achieve international success in search engine optimization must first and foremost act locally. This requires country experts who are not only familiar with the search habits of the respective target group but also master the linguistic subtleties of the target market.
Our country experts support and advise you here in the areas of local SEO, onpage and offpage optimizations, SEA, content marketing, and market and target group analyses in more than 10 languages.

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who grow with us

Due to the combination of competence, speed, and flexibility in our daily cooperation, we are a valued partner of renowned corporations as well as numerous SMEs and start-ups.

What clients say.

“Despite being fresh to the market, Claneo’s pitch won over other well-known search agencies – they were simply better. Since then, they have become valued partners who have helped us significantly increase traffic to our international brand websites. In daily cooperation, we appreciate the combination of competence, speed, and flexibility. A clear recommendation for all non-market partners!”
Peter Hartmann / Global Digital Marketing Manager, Henkel

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International SEO
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We get to know you and your team, your international target group, your products, and your problems. Coordination of responsibilities, processes, project management tools used, and the definition of the next steps.



Based on the findings from the kick-off, we review the needs per market and make an initial recommendation of the project’s priorities.



Development of a customized international strategy based on the company’s objectives, the current market situation, and future goals. In our outside-in analysis, we specifically address the customer and define the right keywords and topics for a market-specific optimization of the country domains or country directories. In the recommendations for optimization, we address both technical and content-related factors and ensure that the right international domain setup is selected.



Based on the international strategy, we work together with our customers to implement our recommendations for action. We work in harmony with internal teams as well as technical agencies. Our teams of country experts support in the areas of strategy, technical SEO, content, offpage, and digital PR. Our goal is always to use our capacities and resources based on the needs of our clients and to bring our years of international know-how into the com



Search & content marketing is constantly changing, so the defined strategy must be constantly scrutinized and adapted to market conditions. Our monitoring and reporting processes ensure that we identify changes in performance at an early stage and interpret the development for future recommendations for action.

Individual solutions

In close consultation with you, we develop an individual SEO strategy. This is the basis for all upcoming and continuous SEO measures.


What is international SEO?
Since customers are now used to using services worldwide and being able to order conveniently from anywhere, the demands on companies and their websites are also growing. However, this development does not only bring the advantage of an extended target group for companies but also the challenge of international search engine optimization. International SEO describes the search engine optimization of a website for different countries and languages. A well-thought-out internationalization strategy is absolutely necessary to ensure that a website performs well in terms of SEO not only in its country of origin but also in all other countries. The adaptation to the respective target market plays a central role because a simple translation of the website is far from sufficient here.
For whom is international SEO relevant?
International SEO is mainly relevant for companies where it may make sense to additionally offer their own products or services in other countries. With the right international SEO strategy, different target markets can be addressed, visibility can be increased and in this way traffic on one’s own website, as well as sales can be significantly increased.
Which factors play a decisive role in the field of international search engine optimization?

The following five factors are particularly important for successful internationalization:

  1. A well-planned domain strategy: Here, subdomains, country code top-level domains (ccTLD), and directories are available for selection. Since these domain strategies each have different advantages and disadvantages, a decision for a strategy should always be made taking into account the individual circumstances.
  2. The creation of a localized keyword & content strategy: A mere translation is not sufficient for internationalization, since both the use of language and the search behavior of users differ from country to country. Here it is important to take into account linguistic and cultural differences and, in the best case, to have the localization carried out by native speakers.
  3. The creation of localized and optimized content: The user experience should also reflect the local expectations of users. Different units of measurement, time zones, payment methods, quality seals, or even the meaning of colors should be taken into account and adapted if necessary. 
  4. Linking the international websites with each other: It can be quite helpful to do internal link building and to link the international websites among each other.
  5. Linking the respective website out of its target market: It is equally helpful to generate backlinks in the same language and build a good backlink structure. This is because links from the respective target countries can be decisive for search engines in evaluating the GEO relevance of a website.

International SEO checklist

This checklist summarizes the most important questions you should answer for a successful internationalization of the website:

  • Content localization

    • Have different spellings and formats been taken into account? ?
    • Does the chosen design fit the target country?
    • Are suitable payment methods offered for each country?
    • Are quality seals required? Are these recognized in the target market?
  • Domain strategy

    • Does the chosen domain strategy fit the expansion strategy?
    • Are the desired domains available in the target country?
    • Are available employees and required support aligned?
  • Linkbuilding

    • How can local and regional publishers be reached?
    • Which media and channels are relevant for individual markets?
  • Internationales Targeting

    • In which form should the hreflang attributes be implemented?
    • Are all language and country versions of a website linked to each other?
    • Is it ensured that there are no IP-based redirects?


Internationales SEO: So gelingt der globale Erfolg mit Matthäus Michalik und Paul Labetzke

Claneo-Gründer und Geschäftsführer Matthäus Michalik und SEO Consultant Paul Labetzke sprechen über das Thema internationale Suchmaschinenoptimierung.

Dabei geht es unter anderem um folgendes:

  • Was bedeutet internationales SEO?
  • Die Wahl der richtigen Domain-Strategie
  • Die Relevanz von lokalisierten und optimierten Inhalten
  • Die Implementierung von hreflang
  • u.v.m.
Tipps und Tools für erfolgreiches internationales SEO

Wer mit seinem Unternehmen auch international langfristig erfolgreich sein will, kommt um internationales SEO nicht herum. Doch wie kann man das Ganze richtig angehen und wie lassen sich mögliche Stolpersteine vermeiden? Genau darauf geht Claneo-Gründer Matthäus Michalik in seinem Gastbeitrag für OMR Reviews ein und erklärt anhand von fünf Tipps, wie Unternehmen ihr internationales SEO erfolgreich aufsetzen – inklusive Checkliste.

International Search Tool

Unser International Search Tool ermöglicht es Nutzern, nicht-personalisierte Google-Anfragen aus allen internationalen Top-Level-Domains zu simulieren. Durch freie Wahl der Länder- und Spracheinstellungen können alle relevanten SERPs schnell und einfach gefunden werden. Eine Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung gibt es auf unserem Blog.

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