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Digital PR, also known as data PR or online PR, extends traditional PR measures to include content marketing and search engine optimization and is the modern tool to enhance the visibility of your brand online. We assist you in developing personalized digital PR strategies and ensure that your unique content gets the attention it deserves. Learn all about digital PR and how we bring your brand into play.

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Our Digital PR services

As a digital PR agency, we are happy to provide you with holistic support in developing successful digital PR strategies. From the initial brainstorming around exciting campaigns to the creation of content including visual and technical preparation and implementation to targeted seeding: You benefit from our expertise from numerous successful projects. In our individual consultations with you, we develop customized concepts and are also happy to advise you on selected topics related to digital PR and content marketing. Below you will find a detailed overview of our services.

Research & production

With our experienced experts, we research and collect valid data as the foundation of a digital PR campaign. We transform this data into target group-oriented images and texts that are exciting for media, influencers, users and search engines at the same time. We also provide competent and experience-based support in technical implementation and landing page development.

Seeding & reporting

Even the most creative ideas only become a successful campaign if it is picked up by the media. In order to achieve this, we tailor your digital PR campaign for the media. Our experience and relations with a broad range of journalists, influencers, and other media professionals helps us turn your campaign into a success. We work transparently: Upon request, we will provide you with a detailed insight into our approach so that you will understand the success of our work

Individual consultation

If you are working on campaigns and content and would like to have our professional support, we are more than happy to jump in and help you out. If you want to grow and learn more about Digital PR, we are also glad to share our knowledge with you through workshops (It can be digital as well as in-person.) and provide exciting insights into the world of Digital PR.

Our Digital PR campaigns are known from

Hello Fresh

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is the digital evolution of traditional public relations. It encompasses many different communication methods that help a brand gain authority in its industry. For example, brand mentions and links on the internet ultimately result in better search engine rankings.
Digital PR, as its own term, is made up of several sub-disciplines and is more than simply creating digital PR for a brand. The public relations work of a brand is supplemented by content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and targeted distribution (seeding). This means that so-called digital PR campaigns are designed, produced, and disseminated (seeded) jointly by experts from all sub-disciplines.

Digital PR as part of content marketing

The basic idea of content marketing is to help users interact with one’s own website or channels through exciting and informative content. Content marketing starts at the beginning of the well-known AIDA marketing funnel and should help a brand attract the attention of the desired target group without marketing products or being driven by false KPIs such as sales. This is exactly where Digital PR comes in. With the basic idea of content marketing, digital PR is about creating content that is interesting for a certain target group AND for journalists and media professionals. At best, the chosen content is so interesting that it is reported on in the media landscape and social networks. Depending on the individual goals, there are various formats, measures, and strategies that have proven themselves in our years of work at Claneo.

Newsworthiness and seeding – How digital PR campaigns achieve media reach

In order to create added media value for the digital PR campaign, it is important to check the news value of the ideas during the conception phase. Extensive data analyses, representative surveys or exciting city comparisons can be used as content for this purpose. But digital PR does not necessarily have to focus on complex data sets. Depending on the target group, the brand and the desired media, an infographic, an interactive map or a simple tool can also be the basis for a later article about the campaign. The important thing is that the content is prepared and communicated in an appealing way to the appropriate media creators. Ultimately, so-called seeding determines the success of a digital PR campaign, as mentions, interactions and links in relevant media are the main goal. Classic PR work via one’s own channels is no longer sufficient here.

SEO – digital PR campaigns also want to be found

The aspect of search engine optimization is the final piece of digital PR. This is done when the content on the website ranks for specific keywords in the search results. Keyword research is an integral part of digital PR campaigns at Claneo. This is where the power of Digital PR becomes apparent: creating SEO-optimized content that is also written for users and that has added value, combined with the backlinks, and mentions that the campaign generates in the media, resulting in a good chance of grabbing the top places in the search results. Through clever internal linking on the campaign page to further topics within a domain, the whole domain is strengthened and thus also benefits in the medium and long term by building organic and valuable backlinks. The incoming link power is controlled in a targeted manner to ensure that your brand presents itself to search engines as an authority in its subject area.

Conclusion: Classic PR + Content Marketing + SEO = Digital PR

Digital PR is defined by the symbiosis of its sub-disciplines. If digital PR measures are conceived, produced, and distributed holistically and by experts from all sub-disciplines, they have a greater chance of ensuring a company or brand is talked about in the long term. Digital PR is the modern way to digitally build trust and authority for a brand and position itself ahead of the competition.

Our Digital PR success stories

  • HelloFresh

    Digital PR Campaign

    An increase in visibility of more than 100%? With the help of digital PR campaigns, this and much more is possible! If you want to know how we helped HelloFresh achieve these great results, read our Case Study.

  • Coop Bau+Hobby

    Digital PR Campaign

    Increase brand awareness with the help of bees? It’s possible! In this case study, we show how a digital PR campaign perfectly tailored to the target group was able to increase both the brand awareness of Coop Bau+Hobby and the “bee awareness”.

  • Doctolib

    Digital PR Campaign

    To increase brand awareness while underscoring its status as a healthcare expert, we partnered with Doctolib to implement a digital PR campaign with a strong local focus.

  • Lieferando/ Just Eat Takeaway

    Digital PR Campaign

    Lieferando wanted to further strengthen their online presence by increasing their media coverage via an increase in media clippings with a special focus of local media coverage. To achieve this goal, we created a digital PR campaign that would spark the interest of as many Germans possible. 

    This is how we work with you

    01 – Goal definition & analysis

    The cornerstone of a successful digital PR campaign are the goals and a joint exchange about them. To this end, we get to know each other in a kick-off meeting, conduct a joint needs analysis and set goals for the campaign. In addition, the most important technical and content-related possibilities and conditions are clarified here.

    02 – Concept

    A digital PR campaign lives from its idea. Once the goals have been set, we start designing exciting content formats that fit your target group and the media that could report on them. To do this, we use various brainstorming and evaluation techniques based on experience from numerous successful projects.

    03 – Production

    After we have agreed on an idea in exchange with you, we start with the research or data collection. For this, we use only proven market research methods and sources to deliver the best possible data quality. With experienced in-house experts, we design meaningful digital content in image and writing and then take care of the technical implementation of the landing page ourselves or in consultation with your experts.

    04 – Distribution

    Distribution, also known as seeding, determines the success of a digital PR campaign. For the best possible results, we work with professional structures and tools to give our project the media attention it deserves. Of course, we keep you continuously informed about all developments.

    05 – Reporting

    The final step is to measure the successes and results: How well did the digital PR campaign work and in which media was the information picked up and how?

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