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PR stands for “public relations” and the goal of this profession is to reach a targeted audience with a carefully created message or offer. The same applies to the web. Good PR strategies help turn projects into success stories. Digital PR is a modern instrument for the targeted development and distribution of your content on the internet.

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What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is the digital evolution of traditional public relations. It encompasses many different communication methods that help a brand gain authority in its industry. For example, brand mentions and links on the internet ultimately result in better search engine rankings.

As part of a holistic Digital PR strategy, our process begins with the development of exciting content that attracts attention. Classic PR work focuses on sending direct messages to a target group in order to increase purchase intentions (push communication). However, Digital PR and Content Marketing focus on the needs of the customers beforehand and offers them assistance, exciting facts and figures, or unusual tools on topics that promote interest and interaction with your brand through high-quality content (pull communication).

There are many strategic approaches available and one of the best options relates to creating Content Marketing campaigns. In addition to the development and implementation of a campaign, this content must be targeted to relevant media. Digital PR also includes the knowledge of elements such as keywords, backlink building, and the creation of appealing landing pages. Compared to classic PR, success is more measurable, and losses are more easily avoidable, which is why Digital PR can be a decisive success factor in almost any project.

Digital PR:
Unique content + successful seeding = Clippings

Why Digital PR with Claneo?

With our international team of marketing and SEO experts, we lead your project to success. We have many years of experience in supporting global brands and corporations. Additionally, we know exactly what’s important to get people to talk about your company. We support you in all digital PR measures:

  • The development and creation of successful content marketing campaigns

  • Targeted distribution of your content (Seeding)  

  • Content and technical implementation and development

  • The creation of appealing visuals

  • Workshops on relevant aspects of digital PR

  • Ongoing consulting and KPI reporting

Our services at a glance

As a digital PR agency, we are happy to provide you with holistic support in developing successful digital PR strategies. In our individual consultations with you, we develop customized concepts and are also happy to advise you on selected topics related to digital PR and content marketing. Below you will find a detailed overview of our services.

  • We design Digital PR campaigns that are perfectly tailored to your brand and target group. From the first brainstorming and idea generation session to the creation of the content including visual and technical preparation and implementation to targeted seeding, you benefit from our expertise.

  • Even the most creative ideas only become a successful campaign if it is picked up by the media. In order to achieve this, we tailor your digital PR campaign for the media. Our experience and relations with a broad range of journalists, bloggers, and other media professionals helps us turn your campaign into a success. We work transparently: Upon request, we will provide you with a detailed insight into our approach so that you will understand the success of our work.

  • Brand mentions, links, traffic – digital PR campaigns are primarily aimed at promoting landing pages. With our interdisciplinary team of editors, graphic designers, and developers, we implement each campaign for you and develop a digital place with a corresponding landing page that offers both existing and new users added value when visiting your website.

  • The design of a website, including all graphics and content, often determines the first impression of a brand and is therefore crucial for your success. Our highly competent Graphic Design team transforms any complex data into appealing, easy-to-understand visual that attracts the attention of journalists, bloggers, and others.

  • If you are working on campaigns and content and would like to have our professional support, we are more than happy to jump in and help you out.  If you want to grow and learn more about Digital PR, we are also glad to share our knowledge with you through workshops (It can be digital as well as in-person.) and provide exciting insights into the world of Digital PR.

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