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Increased brand awareness through targeted Digital PR campaign


Coop Bau+Hobby


Hardware store and garden centre branch

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How a Digital PR campaign that is perfectly aligned with the target audience can increase brand awareness.

Coop Bau+Hobby is one of Switzerland’s leading DIY stores and the place to go for do-it-yourselfers, creative hobbyists, and anyone who wants to revamp their home and garden with beautiful certified and sustainable products. In order to increase both the brand awareness of Coop Bau+Hobby and the awareness of the importance of bees for our lives, we used World Bee Day on May 20th 2020 as an occasion to implement a corresponding campaign with the Swiss DIY store.

With the help of an interactive landing page and targeted seeding, we were able to help Coop Bau+Hobby achieve 49 clippings in industry-relevant media, thereby improving brand awareness.

The challenge

Although Coop Bau+Hobby is already one of the leading DIY stores in Switzerland, it never hurts to strengthen its own brand awareness even further – for example, with the help of a Digital PR campaign. Since Coop Bau+Hobby has placed great emphasis on sustainability over the years and has already internally promoted the topic of “bee-friendliness” and the importance the role of bees play in our ecosystem, it made sense for us to implement a campaign to coincide with World Bee Day on May 20th. The aim was to present the DIY store as particularly bee-friendly and to generate clippings in media publications relevant to the sector in order to further increase brand awareness as well as bee awareness. The target market for the Coop Bau+Hobby campaigns was Switzerland with all four language regions: German, French, Italian and Romansh-speaking Switzerland.

The solution

  • Development and conception of a Digital PR campaign

  • Content and technical implementation and development of a landing page

  • Creation of appealing visualizations

  • Targeted distribution of content (seeding)

The implementation

The bee campaign was not only intended to draw attention to the death of bees, but also to raise awareness among DIY store customers of the need for more bee-friendly planting. World Bee Day at the end of May was a good time to do this, as DIY stores are particularly busy in the spring with customers wanting to replant their balconies or gardens after the winter.

In order to precisely address this target group and at the same time pursue a good cause, we set up a corresponding landing page for the campaign. There, users could easily find out how bee-friendly their balcony or garden is and how they could improve on bee-friendliness without much effort.

The focus of the seeding of this Digital PR campaign was on rather niche, industry-relevant magazines instead of broad mass media, so that we could specifically reach the corresponding target group.

The results

Following the publication of the bee campaign, Coop Bau+Hobby was pleased to receive almost 50 clippings from industry-relevant magazines, such as Markt in Grün,, Zürcher Bienenfreunde, Baumarkt Manager, and many more. With this campaign, the Swiss DIY store has succeeded in raising both brand awareness and bee awareness and has also received great encouragement from many beekeepers. Since World Bee Day takes place every year and this topic is therefore evergreen content, the campaign can successfully be pitched to journalists again every year and generate further clippings.





About Coop Bau+Hobby

Coop Bau+Hobby sees itself as part of the Swiss DIY market as the friendly and sustainable DIY store for garden, home, and hobby. They offer branded, sustainable, regional, and Swiss-branded products as well as own brands. In over 80 stores with more than 300,000m2 of sales area, you will receive expert advice from a total of more than 2,200 employees.

What Coop says about us

Claneo supports us in all operational topics around SEO and is also a valuable discussion partner in strategic consulting. Working with the competent team is fun and we achieve very good results on various platforms.

Sabrina Hummel, UX & Frontend Solutions / Coop Gruppe

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