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Our Marketing Efficiency services
From data collection and visualization to data analysis, we support you in all relevant areas. In this way, we can identify weaknesses in the user experience and work with you to develop a customized concept to improve usage flow and increase your conversion rate.

Google Analytics and tracking setups

In order to understand marketing activities and the behavior of one’s own website users, it is important to have a solid tracking and analytics setup in place and to use it properly. We are happy to support you with the implementation of a Google Tag Manager and the corresponding tracking setup as well as the complete setup of a Google Analytics account.


In an audit, we not only check the technical implementation of analytics tools in websites, apps, and other touchpoints but also examine the account setup and the use of data for internal processes. In this way, we ensure that your marketing measures are continuously improved based on our analyses and evaluations and that you stand out from the competition.


Through deep and cross-channel analyses, we help you uncover synergy effects (e.g. between SEO and SEA) as well as potentials of the marketing channels. Based on these analyses, further analyses and test hypotheses can be made. We are therefore happy to support you in making strategically important decisions.

Reporting & Dashboarding

In order to be able to draw the right conclusions from data, it is absolutely necessary to prepare it well. We help you to connect different data sources and to prepare the data clearly. For this purpose, we develop an individual dashboard together with you, which we adapt optimally to your requirements.

UX / UI (Qualitative) + CRO (Quantitative)

We analyze your website based on proven UX / UI guidelines as well as modern models of behavioral economics. This includes setting up an optimal tracking setup as well as identifying usability problems. We develop a concept to optimize the conversion rate and support you in the implementation.


In individually tailored workshops and seminars, we train your marketing and SEO teams in all marketing efficiency-relevant topics. From conversion optimization to Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to customer journey analysis – our experts are happy to share their knowledge and show how theory is put into practice.

What do we mean by Marketing Efficiency?

Efficiency is often one of the most important goals for many companies and describes the lowest possible effort between work and output.

Additionally, efficiency also plays an important role in online marketing which is why we at Claneo have created a separate department called Marketing Efficiency. Our experts in this area ensure that a wide range of data is carefully tracked, analyzed, and clearly presented so nothing stands in the way when processing your data.

Why are Marketing Efficiency measures useful?

The most important element in the measurement of data is the correct setup of the analysis tools, with the help of which our marketing department can track the various marketing activities down to the smallest detail, from the analysis of the customer’s purchasing behavior to the purchasing history and the purchasing process. Data analytics can help a company to understand its users, make data-driven marketing decisions and implement measures.Furthermore, a solid tracking setup creates the basis for developing well-founded hypotheses in the area of conversion optimization. A/B testing can then be used to monitor and help improve your marketing efforts.

We help you develop data-driven solutions

Our Marketing Efficiency team is committed to supporting our customers in the areas of data analytics, UX & conversion optimization in the best possible way and to contribute to the improvement of user flow and the increase of conversion rates with tailor-made concepts.

Unser Marketing Efficiency Team hat es sich somit zur Aufgabe gemacht, unsere Kund:innen in den Bereichen Data Analytics, UX & Conversion Optimierung bestmöglich zu unterstützen und mit passgenauen Konzepten zur Verbesserung von Nutzungsflow und der Steigerung von Conversionrate beizutragen.

Your advantages with Claneo as Marketing Efficiency Partner 

Many years of cross-industry experience  

With the help of our team’s extensive expertise, we create analyses of your customers and support you with customized communication at all levels.

Individual Marketing Efficiency services

In close consultation with you, we develop an individual strategy with all upcoming and ongoing measures. We support companies exactly where they need us.

Excellent quality

At Claneo, we attach great importance to quality and invest specifically in the further training of our employees. For this reason, we regularly have our services and expertise audited by independent institutions such as the German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW).

Country experts

We can handle more than 14 languages in-house and have expertise in the respective markets. That’s why we are one of the few German agencies that can provide excellent international support for our clients.

What does a collaboration look like?



The first step is to get to know your company, your products, your target group, and your challenges. Together, we then define the framework and output of an audit. This includes agreeing on processes, choosing the optimal tool setup, and defining the next steps.


Data analysis

At the beginning of the collaboration, we check your current tracking setup and optimize or supplement it with additional tools in order to analyze and visualize the behavior of customers on your website in the best possible way. The tracking setup and the resulting data analysis/evaluation form the basis of the subsequent conversion analysis.


Conversion analysis

Conversion analysis: Conversion analysis involves the evaluation and visualization of data that provides information about the behavior of your users. In addition, we identify page-wide and cross-device elements that can cause unusual user behavior.


Presentation of results

According to your requirements, the result can be a catalog with recommendations for action or a testing roadmap with a project plan for support in the holistic conversion optimization process. At the end, our experts present the results of the analysis and are available to answer any further questions.

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