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Conversion Rate Optimization

Your website is ready and the content is optimized, but how can you ensure that visitors become satisfied customers? From comprehensive analysis and the development of data-driven solutions to the creation of meaningful reports and dashboards, we support you in answering these crucial questions and increasing your conversion rate.

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Our CRO Services

From data collection and visualization to data analysis, we support you in all relevant areas. In this way, we can identify weak points in the user experience and work with you to develop a customized concept to improve user flow and increase your conversion rate.
Website performance optimization
Our comprehensive website performance optimization services include page speed improvements, accessibility adjustments, content optimization and detailed UX/UI analysis and optimization. We offer a customized roadmap that is tailored to the specific needs of your website. This enables us to increase performance effectively.
CRO Strategy
We develop a tailor-made CRO strategy based on thorough customer journey mapping and a precise optimization strategy. Our goal is to provide you with a clear vision and roadmap for optimizing your website to maximize your conversion rate.
A/B & UX Testing
Our holistic approach to A/B and UX testing includes careful analysis and problem definition, selection of suitable methods, conception and design, development, QA, monitoring, evaluation and reporting. We offer the complete A/B testing cycle from a single source, so you, the customer, can enjoy the full benefit with minimal effort.
Our workshops offer in-depth insights into user-centered design, psychology in marketing and in-house A/B testing. We work together to build up missing resources in your organization and train your teams in these key areas.

CRO: The perfect complement to SEO

Content optimization: increasing the relevance and quality of your content

Content optimization is an essential part of successful SEO and CRO. By providing relevant content that is precisely tailored to the search intentions of your website visitors, you increase the chance of being perceived as an authority in your field. It’s about making content not only accessible, but also appealing to your target audience. This promotes the brand strength and authority of your site and contributes significantly to improving SEO performance.

Improved user experience

User experience (UX) plays a crucial role in both SEO and CRO. Improved decision making on the customer side means that users are more likely to buy where they feel comfortable and not necessarily where the best offer is. By using sales psychology, you can increase your visitors’ motivation to buy. It is also important to strengthen customer loyalty and retention at the first point of contact in the customer journey. An optimized UX not only supports conversion, but also improves the ranking, as search engines perceive positive user signals.

Better marketing ROI: more sales with the same traffic

In a world where paid advertising is becoming increasingly expensive, it’s crucial to get more out of your marketing budget. Through CRO and an improved UX, you can achieve a better return on investment (ROI). AB testing and a user-centered design process allow you to develop a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs and behaviors. This not only leads to a more efficient use of your marketing budget, but also to an increase in sales while maintaining traffic by optimizing the conversion rate.


Your advantages with Claneo as a CRO partner

Our focus is on conversion rate optimization (CRO) to maximize the effectiveness of our customer websites. Through detailed analyses and targeted adjustments, we improve the user experience and can thus significantly increase the conversion rate. We rely on innovative strategies that aim to optimize user interaction with the website and guide them effectively through the conversion funnel. Our goal is to deliver measurable results that increase both user satisfaction and the business success of our clients.

Many years of cross-industry experience

With the help of our team’s extensive cross-industry experience, we create action plans that help you achieve better ranking positions and effectively increase your relevance in the long term. We advise you on a strategic level, provide operational support and pass on our expertise in training courses.

Ideal combination – SEO & CRO – everything from a single source

In some cases, CRO and SEO are at odds with each other. Our expertise lies in finding optimal solutions. Increasing rankings requires an improved user experience. Our interdisciplinary team combines expertise in both areas for holistic solutions.

Sparring partnership & interdisciplinary services

In close consultation with you, we develop an individual strategy with all upcoming and ongoing measures. We support companies exactly where they need us.

Our work is quality certified

We attach great importance to the quality of our work and invest specifically in the further training of our employees. Our services and expertise are regularly audited by independent institutions such as the BVDW.

Customers who grow with us

Thanks to the combination of expertise, speed and flexibility in our day-to-day collaboration, we are a valued partner of renowned corporations as well as numerous SMEs and start-ups.
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What customers say about working with Claneo

  • Julia Sertel Profishop Jungheinrich

    Julia Sertel

    SEO & Content Marketing Team Lead, Jungheinrich Profishop
    “Working with Claneo is always uncomplicated, reliable and at eye level. Whether strategic or technical considerations, content or PR issues – the Claneo team scores points in all SEO areas with well-founded and always up-to-date know-how. Despite the strong customer focus, the collaboration is not a classic customer-service provider relationship. As an SEO team, we work together to get the best out of our international B2B online store and lead projects to success in a targeted manner. This makes Claneo the perfect sparring partner for me as an in-house SEO. I look forward to continuing to work with you!”

    CRO/UX – how we work with you

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    01 – Kick Off

    The first step is to get to know your company, your products, your target group and your challenges. We then define the framework and output of an audit together. This includes coordinating processes, selecting the optimal tool setup and defining the next steps.
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    02 – Data analysis

    At the beginning of the collaboration, we review your current tracking setup and optimize or supplement it with additional tools to optimally analyze and visualize your customers’ behavior on your website. The tracking setup and the resulting data analysis/evaluation form the basis of the subsequent conversion analysis.
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    03 – Psychological conversion audit

    The conversion analysis includes the evaluation and visualization of data that provides information about the behavior of your users. In addition, we identify page-wide and cross-device elements that can lead to unusual user behavior. We select suitable psychological effects that suit your target group, your product and your brand and optimize the decision-making process of your website visitors.
    Ergebnispräsentation Icon

    04 – Presentation of results

    Depending on your requirements, the result can be a catalog with recommendations for action or a testing roadmap with a project plan to support the holistic conversion optimization process. Our experts present the results of the analysis to you at the end and are available to answer any further questions you may have.
    Methodische Umsetzung Icon

    05 – Methodical implementation

    Based on the analyses, we create a customized roadmap that defines specific milestones and methods. Using the agreed-upon roadmap, we optimize your website together with your team. We hold regular meetings to keep you up to date on the progress made.

    Frequently asked questions

    What does our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) include?
    Our comprehensive CRO services include the development of CRO strategies, website optimization, UX audits, A/B testing and specialized workshops. Our goal is to increase the relevance and quality of your content, improve the user experience and thus increase your sales with the same traffic.
    How do we improve the performance of your website?
    We optimize your website performance through measures in areas such as page speed, accessibility, content optimization, and UX/UI analyses and optimizations. We will provide you with a prioritized roadmap for effective optimization of your website performance.
    What can you expect from a UX audit?
    Our UX audits provide in-depth insights into the user experience on your website. We analyze aspects such as reading behavior and text and image perception in order to develop a comprehensive strategy for improvement.
    What are the benefits of A/B & UX testing?
    Our A/B & UX testing approach includes analysis and problem definition, method selection, conception and design as well as development and QA. This holistic approach makes it possible to test and implement changes effectively, minimizing the effort for you as a client but maximizing the benefits.
    How do our workshops support your company?
    Our workshops on topics such as user-centered design, psychology in marketing and in-house A/B testing aim to build up missing resources in your company and train your team in key areas. This will increase your internal expertise in CRO and UX.
    Why does CRO complement SEO perfectly?
    CRO complements SEO perfectly because it’s not just about increasing rankings, but also about improving the user experience and increasing the relevance of your content. An optimized user experience leads to better decision-making behavior and increased motivation to buy, which in turn strengthens customer loyalty.
    How do we deal with the relationship between SEO and CRO?
    We understand that CRO and SEO can sometimes be at odds. Our expertise lies in finding optimal solutions that harmonize both areas. We strive to improve both the ranking and the user experience and offer holistic solutions for this.

    We can also help you with:


    We provide you with holistic support in aligning your SEO strategy. We work with you to develop customized concepts for long-term success and support you in all relevant areas relating to SEO. We advise you on all current and future topics relating to organic search.


    We support your success with our trained eye for the big picture: from needs analysis via a content audit and the development of a content strategy to the creation and/or optimization of content and the implementation of first-class content marketing campaigns.

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