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Agency for
International SEO &
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Claneo is a multi-award winning, internationally operating search and content marketing agency based in Berlin. Our focus is not only on the quality and expertise of our work, but also our enthusiasm for the people and brands we work with. We place great value on cooperation and embody our 5 core values: innovation, satisfaction, partnership, transparency and quality. Our experts regularly share their knowledge at major trade fairs and conferences, publish guest articles in renowned trade magazines, and produce content for industry-relevant online portals.

Wide ranging expertise

With our team of over 80 experts, we support our customers across multiple industries in the areas of SEO (search engine optimization), international SEO, offpage SEO, content marketing, content creation, marketing efficiency and digital PR.

Our clients

We serve well-known corporations, SMEs and start-ups. These businesses represent diverse industries ranging from FMCG and e-commerce to travel, finance, insurance, health & pharma and more.

What customers say about working with us

  • Mladen Lacic

    Head of Global Online Marketing, BIKE24

    “Claneo is an agency that feels like an extended internal team. There is no task too big or too small not to trustfully put it in their hands.”

  • Perter Hartmann

    Global Digital Marketing Manager, Henkel

    “Claneo won out over well-known search agencies in our pitch, even though they were fresh to the market – they were simply better. In the meantime, they have become valued partners who have helped us significantly increase traffic to international brand websites. We appreciate the combination of competence, speed and flexibility in the daily cooperation. Clear recommendation for all non-market partners!”

  • Carolin Wachhorst

    Content Managerin, TOOM Baumarkt

    “Claneo is a reliable partner when it comes to creating and optimizing advice content for our do-it-yourself section “DIY”. In particular, the quality and good communication convince us again and again in our joint work.”

  • Norman Nielsen

    Director Growth, Omio

    “I have known the team and especially the founders for many years as perfect companions in my daily online marketing life. I appreciate their absolute quality and expertise.”

  • Jörg Erdmann

    Director Marketing, SOLARWATT

    “In Claneo, we have found a reliable partner who not only helped us strategically with the planning of a content portal, but also made a significant contribution to the operational implementation of the portal. Claneo’s editors perfectly complemented our in-house capabilities.”

    Our success stories

    In our case studies, we reveal how we were able to improve the organic ranking on Google with the help of a digital PR campaign or how we increased traffic on a brand’s website with a holistic content marketing strategy.


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      How we work with you 

      01 – Kick-off and goal definition 

      The cornerstone of successful search and content marketing measures is defining and understanding your goals. To do this, we have a kick-off meeting to get to know you, your target group, and to understand your product or service, and to set common goals. 

      02 – Strategy

      Once the goals have been set, we develop a customized strategy for you that includes all aspects of search and content marketing. In our outside-in analysis, we specifically address the topics, keywords and targeting options that are suitable for the target group in order to efficiently use all online marketing channels and optimize the website or e-commerce store for potential customers. In our recommendations for optimization, we address both technical and content-related factors. 

      03 – Conception and implementation

      Based on this strategy, we start with the conception of exciting content formats that fit your target group and the target media. Once we have agreed on a content marketing idea in consultation with you, we implement it in practice, from research and data collection to content creation and seeding.  

      If SEO is the focus, we implement the defined recommendations for action together. In doing so, we work together with both our internal teams and specialist agencies. Our teams of country experts provide support in the areas of strategy, technical SEO, content, offpage, and digital PR. Our goal is to always align our capacities and resources with the needs of our customers and to bring our many years of international know-how into the company.   

      04 – Reporting

      Once the content marketing campaigns and SEO measures have been implemented, the final step is to measure success and results. Here, it is important to question the defined measures again and again, to derive learnings from them, and to adapt to the changing market conditions.

      People | Passion | Expertise

      Our experts are passionate about writing articles. Learn more about our publications.

      Häufige Fragen

      Why are SEO and content marketing important?

      SEO and content marketing are important components of online marketing because they help increase the visibility and reach of a brand or business in the digital space. SEO makes your website easier to find in search engines, while content marketing provides high-quality, relevant content that engages your target audience. Together, they ensure that you are visible online and reach potential customers.

      What is the difference between content marketing and SEO?
      Content marketing and SEO are closely related. While content marketing focuses on the creation and distribution of relevant content that primarily addresses informational search needs, SEO focuses on technical and content optimization for search engines, focusing mainly on transactional search queries. The interplay of both disciplines makes it possible to support customers through the entire customer journey and ultimately increase reach.
      How can you recognize a good SEO and content marketing agency?
      A good agency is characterized by expertise, experience, and measurable success. It should be able to create tailored strategies to achieve the specific goals of your customers. A successful SEO and content marketing agency should also provide transparent reporting and clear communication to ensure you understand and track all steps and developments.
      What is Search-driven Content Marketing?
      Search-driven Content Marketing is a strategic approach to creating high-quality content that is targeted to rank well in search engine results. This approach ensures that your content is found by your target audience when they search for relevant information or products. This increases the visibility of your business, products, or services.
      What does a Search-driven Content Marketing agency do and how does it differ from other agencies?

      Our agency offers customized solutions that include both content marketing and SEO. We create high-quality content, optimize it for search engines, and continuously monitor results to ensure your goals are met. What makes us special is our focus on the “search experience” to ensure that users find what they are looking for on your website.

      This holistic approach sets a Search-driven Content Marketing agency apart from other agencies that usually only focus on individual online marketing services. What are the other advantages of working with Claneo? At Claneo, we place particular emphasis on the link between content marketing and SEO. Working with us offers numerous benefits:

      • customized strategies tailored to your company’s specific needs
      • an experienced team of experts in SEO and content marketing
      • transparent and clear communication so you’re always in the know
      • a holistic approach that focuses on the “search experience”
      • evidence of success from previous projects and testimonials
      • assurance that your online presence and reach will be increased to drive long-term growth
      • Certified quality

        We attach great importance to the quality of our work and invest specifically in the continual training of our employees. For this reason, we regularly have our services and expertise audited by independent institutions such as the BVDW. So that our customers can be sure that we always act according to our best conscience and knowledge, we have also committed ourselves to complying with certain quality criteria.

      • Current publications

        Our experts regularly write guest articles for important trade magazines such as Website Boosting and t3n, industry-relevant online portals and create guides such as the OMR SEO and Content Marketing Reports.

      • Upcoming lectures

        Want to benefit from our know-how or just get to know us personally? Our experts regularly give talks at conferences such as the OMR Festival, Nexus, DMEXCO, Berlin EXPO, SEOkomm, SEO-Day and many more.

      • Free SEO-tools

        If we are not satisfied with the selection of tools in a particular area, we simply develop our own. With the International Search Tool and the Google Snippet Optimizer, we give you free online marketing tools that can help you make your daily work better and more cost-effective.

        This is how we think and work


        With us, there are no standard packages. We know what needs to be done – and we do it exactly according to your requirements and business goals.


        We combine years of cross-industry experience. Our employees are leaders in the online marketing industry.

        Leading the way

        We use our expertise to help clients exceed their goals. We regularly set new standards. And we share our expertise with the industry.


        We are independent of networks and technology partners. Open-mindedness at its best! The right way is the way that reaches the goal. The goal is your success.

        You found us - now let us help you to be found!

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