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As a digital search marketing agency, we provide tailored and targeted support in all core areas of offpage SEO. Our international team of experts collaboratively devises sustainable link-building strategies with you to complement your existing SEO measures and achieve long-term successes.

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Our Offpage SEO services

Link marketing is one of the most important disciplines for signaling the relevance of a page to search engines. Backlinks are considered digital recommendations and thus illustrate how valuable a page is in fulfilling the search intentions of search engine users. In very competitive market environments, they are especially considered to be a decisive factor in achieving top rankings. For successful content marketing, quantity in link building has long played a subordinate role. Factors, such as relevance to the topic, authority, link context, and the right anchor texts are much more important for search engines when it comes to evaluating a link. Our years of experience with many successful projects ensure that we can provide holistic advice when it comes to your business.


In order to gain high-quality backlinks for you, we use modern approaches that have been proven to lead to success. With our Claneo-developed internal tool, COBRA, we manage an international, high-quality portfolio of potential publishers on all topics relevant to you. Our experienced editorial team creates high-quality, reader-oriented articles that provide real added value to your domain.

Potential-Based Link Marketing

In this type of link marketing, we identify suitable opportunities for organic link gain. In doing so, we analyze the origin of your competitor’s links, while also looking for thematically suitable content from qualitative potential link sources. By contacting the site operators directly, we bring you into play and work to gain links for your content through communication.

Link audit

As part of a link audit, we analyze and evaluate your backlink profile and, if desired, compare it with that of your competitors. This reveals opportunities for improvement and unused potential. Together with you, we then develop a content marketing strategy to close the gaps and optimize your link profile.

Broken Backlink Analysis

As part of a Broken Backlink Analysis, we identify broken links to your domain and recommend appropriate measures to restore them. By repairing damaged link structures, your domain can gain new link power and compensate for lost potential.

Disavow Lists

“Quality over quantity” now affects almost all approaches to offpage SEO. Toxic link spam can have a negative impact on your search engine rankings and even lead to loss of visibility. To create a disavow list, we make use of various analysis tools to manually devalue harmful links. This way, you minimize the risk of falling victim to black-hat SEO attacks and other negative influences.

Upskilling Sessions

You want theoretical and practical impulses regarding offpage SEO for your team? Our experts will train you in various offpage disciplines by providing you with broad expertise and useful know-how. In this way, you can sustainably build up your own offpage strategy (content marketing strategy) and pursue it in a goal-oriented manner.

Your advantages with Claneo as a
Offpage SEO partner

Country & language experts

We offer support in more than 10 languages in-house and have expertise in the respective markets. That is why we are one of the few German agencies that can provide excellent international support for our clients.

Claneo link marketing tool

To make our daily work even more efficient and to ensure we always have data containing all relevant metrics close to hand, we have created our own customized media database – COBRA.

Many years of cross-industry experience

With the help of our team’s many years of cross-industry experience, we create action plans that enable you to achieve better ranking positions and increase your relevance effectively in the long term. We advise you on a strategic level, provide operational support and pass on our know-how in training courses.

Individual solutions

In close consultation with you, we develop an individual strategy with all upcoming and ongoing measures. We support companies exactly where they need us.

The quality of our work is certified

We attach great importance to the quality of our work and invest specifically in the further training of our employees. For this reason, we regularly have our services and expertise audited by independent institutions such as the German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW).

COBRA: The Claneo Link Marketing Tool

COBRA is a wide-ranging domain and link database. On the one hand, COBRA serves as a universal planning tool for customer projects, whereby links can be planned according to individual needs. On the other our link database provides an uncomplicated overview of past and active links of our customers. In addition to this, we can realize ongoing customer monitoring and customer reporting which enables us to visibly measure the success of our offpage strategies. Last but not least, COBRA allows an unproblematic delivery of invoices, to which our customers may access at any time. The same applies to monitoring and reporting.

COBRA not only facilitates our daily work, but also the accessibility of our customers when it comes to ongoing projects, which in turn promotes sustainable and transparent link growth.

International link marketing

If you want to achieve international success in search engine optimization, you must first and foremost act locally. For this purpose, link building measures require an extensive network of local and regional publishers, which are distributed across various topic categories. The right knowledge in combination with many years of understanding which media platforms and channels are relevant for the various markets also makes a difference. We currently offer our services for 18 countries and work in more than 10 languages. Not only that, but our country and language portfolio is continually growing.

Clients who
grow with us

Due to the combination of competence, speed, and flexibility in our daily cooperation, we are a valued partner of renowned corporations as well as numerous SMEs and start-ups.

This is what our clients
say about working with us

  • Björn Kolbmüller

    Founder & MD, zenloop
    “Quality and transparency are central components of our long-standing collaboration with Claneo. Together with the team, we work on improving our website and optimizing relevant rankings.”
  • Mladen Lacic

    Head of SEO & CRM, Bike24
    “Claneo is an agency that feels like an extended, in-house team. There’s no task too big or small not to put it in their hands with confidence.”

    This is how we work with you

    01 – Kick off

    The cornerstones of any successful cooperation in link marketing are focused goals and the clear discussion surrounding them. As a result, it is important that we have a kick-off meeting where we get to know each other, conduct a joint needs analysis, and set goals for the collaboration. Additionally, competencies and responsibilities should be coordinated and clarified here.

    02 – Strategy

    We then develop a customized strategy based on your business objectives, the current market situation, and future goals. In doing so, we take a close look at the market and your competition and together define the right landing pages and keywords to achieve your goals.

    03 – Implementation

    Based on the strategy, we start implementing our recommendations for action. Our experienced in-house team now begins ongoing research, publisher management, content creation and analysis. Our goal is always to use our capacities and resources based on the needs of our customers and to let your company benefit from our years of international know-how.

    04 – Reporting

    Link marketing is constantly changing. Thus, it is crucial that the defined strategy is constantly scrutinized and adapted to market conditions. Our continual monitoring and reporting ensure that we detect changes at an early stage and that you have an overview of ongoing projects with us at all times.

    Frequently asked questions

    Why is an offpage strategy important? 

    Offpage SEO includes activities that are carried out independent of a website to improve the website’s visibility in search engines and convince Google & Co. to consider your website as trustworthy and authoritative. An offpage strategy not only requires continuous backlink building, but also an in-depth competitor analysis and routine evaluation of the backlink profile. Here any broken backlinks must be fixed and any spam domains must be devalued. 

    How can offpage SEO improve my website? 

    Think of offpage SEO as building your website’s domain authority. Without it, your website might have trouble ranking better than higher authority websites that search engines have already deemed more credible, relevant, and trustworthy. For this reason, they should signal to search engines that many people trust, share, and refer to your website. Links are one way to show just that. 

    What are the advantages of backlinks? 

    In short, the biggest advantage of backlinks is that they signal to the search engine that the corresponding web page is of particularly high quality and satisfies the search intention of the user, which in turn leads to a better Google ranking. 

    Backlinks and other offpage signals thus form the basis of the Google algorithm: they signal the relevance of a page to the search engine. Backlinks can therefore be understood as a kind of digital recommendation, which clarifies the value of a page in terms of fulfilling the search intention of the user. As already mentioned, this has an influence on the Google ranking and can help you to conquer one of the top positions. 


    Building backlinks for offpage SEO focuses on quality, not quantity. Here, aspects such as topic relevance, link context and the right anchor texts, as well as authority among others, play a crucial role and contribute to the evaluation of a link by search engines. 

    If your goal is to improve your rankings in the SERPs through link building, the backlinks must originate from authoritative websites. 

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