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Search Engine Optimization

From Google and YouTube to Amazon: Search engines are the primary source of information on the internet – and thus, search engine ranking is crucial for business success. Together with you, we develop a personalized SEO strategy based on your goals and needs. With our help you will be found indeed!

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Our SEO services

We support you holistically in the alignment of your SEO strategy. To this end, we work with you to develop customized concepts for long-term success and support you in all relevant areas related to SEO. In addition, we advise you not only on all current, but also on the future issues around organic search.

Strategic SEO / SEO strategies

From the development of keyword strategies to potential analyses, technical audits and relaunch support to needs analyses and strategies in the area of content and offpage – our services in the area of strategic search engine optimization are diverse and are always individually adapted to your needs and goals.

Technical SEO / Technical audits and consulting

Based on in-depth analyses, our experienced SEO consultants show the status quo of the current search engine optimization and develop concrete recommendations for action that can be directly processed and implemented.

Content & keyword strategies

When creating a content and keyword strategy, we work out a concrete needs analysis with you in regards to the nature of your business model, your website, and your target group. This will determine how much content in what form is required for maximum success.

Domain strategies

Taking into account individual circumstances, the target language and the target country, we decide together with you which domain strategy is the right one for your goals and then implement it with you.

Relaunch & migration support

Relaunch & migration support We make sure that your relaunch succeeds without any loss of visibility or traffic. To ensure a smooth process, we already take SEO into account in the planning phase and thoroughly prepare the technical migration.

App store optimization

If you don’t want to get lost in the crowd with your app, app store optimization is an important topic. We support you in improving your ranking and thereby your visibility in the app stores.

Local SEO (retailer)

We develop a customized local SEO strategy for your stores that goes beyond your own website. Our strategy aims to increase the visibility of your stores and attract more visitors to them.


E-Commerce SEO

We help you understand the needs of your customers and develop a customized SEO strategy for your online presence in e-commerce.

YouTube SEO

As one of the largest search engines in the world, YouTube offers huge potential. We can help you develop a customized strategy for your videos, optimize them and target your audience effectively. Together with us, you can improve the rankings of your videos.

Pinterest SEO

We analyze your current Pinterest strategy as well as the strategies of your competitors and develop specific recommendations for action to reach your target audience even better. We help you optimize your presence on Pinterest and position your pins for higher visibility.

Your advantages with Claneo as a SEO partner

Many years of cross-industry experienceng

With the help of our team’s many years of cross-industry experience, we create action plans that enable you to achieve better ranking positions and increase your relevance effectively in the long term. We advise you on a strategic level, provide operational support and pass on our know-how in training courses.

Individual SEO services

In close consultation with our customers, we develop an individual SEO strategy with all upcoming and continuous SEO measures. Whether as interim SEO manager or Head of SEO, in troubleshooting and competition analysis or in search due diligence – we support companies in SEO exactly where they need us.

Sparring partnership

To achieve good organic rankings in the long term, continuous search engine optimization is necessary. We are by your side as an experienced partner and form the perfect complement to your in-house team.

Country & language experts

We offer support in more than 10 languages in-house and have expertise in the respective markets. That is why we are one of the few German agencies that can provide excellent international support for our clients.

The quality of our work is certified

We attach great importance to the quality of our work and invest specifically in the further training of our employees. For this reason, we regularly have our services and expertise audited by independent institutions such as the German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW).

who grow with us

Due to the combination of competence, speed, and flexibility in our daily cooperation, we are a valued partner of renowned corporations, as well as numerous SMEs and start-ups.

This is what our clients
say about working with us

  • Daniel Westbomke

    Head of E-Commerce, Tennis-Point GmbH
    “We came to Claneo via a recommendation – during the first conversation we had the feeling that we were in good hands. Claneo, Maggie and their team actively supported us in our shop migration and continue to support us in all SEO issues. Clear recommendation – they know what they are doing.”
  • Sabrina Hummel

    UX & Frontend Solutions, Coop Gruppe
    Claneo supports us in all operational topics around SEO and is also a valuable discussion partner in strategic consulting. Working with the competent team is fun, and we achieve very good results on various platforms.
  • Björn Kolbmüller

    Founder & MD,
    Quality and transparency are central components of our long-standing collaboration with Claneo. Together with the team, we work on improving our website and optimizing relevant rankings.

    This is how we work with you

    01 – Kick-Off

    We get to know you and your team, your international target group, your products and your problems. Coordination of responsibilities, processes, project management tools used, and the definition of the next steps.

    02 – Strategy

    Development of a customized international strategy based on the company’s objectives, the current market situation, and future goals. In our outside-in analysis, we specifically address the customer and define the right keywords and topics for a market-specific optimization of the country domains or country directories. In the recommendations for optimization, we address both technical and content-related factors and ensure that the right international domain setup is selected.

    03 – Implementation

    Based on the international strategy, we work together with our customers to implement our recommendations for action. We work in harmony with internal teams as well as technical agencies. Our teams of country experts support in the areas of strategy, technical SEO, content, offpage, and digital PR. Our goal is always to use our capacities and resources based on the needs of our clients and to bring our years of international know-how into the company.

    04 – Reporting

    Search & content marketing is constantly changing, so the defined strategy must be constantly scrutinized and adapted to market conditions. Our monitoring and reporting processes ensure that we identify changes in performance at an early stage and interpret the development for future recommendations for action.

    Frequently asked questions

    What is SEO?

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or search engine optimization pursues the goal of improving the findability of one’s own page in the organic search results of search engines such as Google & Co. The higher a page ranks for relevant search terms, the more often it is clicked on. With the help of the snippet, which represents the textual preview of the website content in the search results, users are motivated to click on the page. In the best case, their search intention is finally fulfilled there.

    Apart from the common search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Yandex, there are also specialized search engines, such as:

    • Amazon for product searches
    • Indeed for job searches
    • for hotel searches

    In addition, SEO optimization can target other types of search engines besides those mentioned, such as:

    • Image search
    • Video search
    • News search
    • Shopping search
    Why SEO?

    With the help of SEO, companies can secure a long-term visible positioning in search engines such as Google & Co. Particularly in the first phase of the customer journey, many potential customers turn to search engines to find out about specific products or services. Regardless of whether it is a matter of research in preparation for a purchase or whether there is already a concrete interest in buying – precisely fitting content in combination with good SEO contributes to the fact that the users are very likely to convert in the end. Thus, SEO plays an extremely important role in the online marketing mix.

    What does SEO really do?

    SEO is not only a lot of work and effort, but it also takes a lot of time until the first results become visible. In addition, SEO is a continuous process that will never be finally completed. So of course the question arises: Is it worth the effort at all? These five reasons (and many more) speak for SEO:

    1. High visibility = high reach. Websites that rank in the top 3 on Google & Co. have high visibility and can thus achieve many clicks and a high reach. Because most users click directly on one of the top results in their search and don’t bother to scroll down, let alone go to page 2 of the search results.
    2. SEO promotes trust. Organic search results are not perceived by users as advertising and are consciously clicked on. The higher the ranking, the more trustworthy and relevant a website appears to searchers, and thus also the corresponding company.
    3. Even the smallest online store has a chance. The great thing about SEO is that really any website can rank for its own relevant keywords and here not only large corporations have a chance. Even the smallest store can rank high as long as the site is SEO optimized and has a good user experience.
    4. SEO is sustainable. Unlike paid ads, an optimized website can reap long-term success and even generate high-quality traffic for years.
    5. Save costs with SEO. While SEO is not always cheap, it is cost-effective. Because instead of regularly investing in digital advertisements, the investments here flow into qualified employees.
    For whom is SEO suitable?

    Search engine optimization is suitable for everyone. Whether small startups, medium-sized companies, large corporations, online stores, and many more – everyone can benefit from SEO. However, the goals and results can vary depending on the company. For this reason, the SEO strategy should be approached correctly from the start and with the support of qualified professionals.

    What does an SEO agency do?

    An SEO agency supports its customers in achieving a high organic ranking with their websites in the search results of relevant search engines. This is to attract potential customers and lead them to the website, where they eventually convert. To achieve this, an SEO agency focuses on content creation, backlink building, or technical SEO, depending on the customer’s goal. Meanwhile, SEO agencies often take on other tasks, such as setting up an SEO strategy, PR campaigns (in the area of digital PR), tracking implementation, content design and graphics creation, and conversion rate optimization.

    How long does it take for SEO measures to take effect?

    How long it takes until the first successes due to SEO measures become visible varies and depends on different factors. For example, sometimes the first results can be seen after just a few weeks, while for others it takes several months. In general, search engine optimization should be seen as a continuous process that is optimized regularly and over a longer period of time.

    SEO or SEA?

    When it comes to search engine marketing (SEM), many companies are often faced with the question of whether they should invest more in SEO, or more in SEA (search engine advertising), or both. The answer: In a well-considered search engine marketing mix, a combination of SEO and SEA should come into play. This is because while SEO aims for long-term results, SEA already ensures short-term success. With targeted optimization, the two disciplines can therefore complement each other well and together ensure more visibility, traffic, leads, and sales. The saying “SEO is not a sprint, but a marathon” is fitting here, as SEO is primarily about long-term results and success does not wait around the next bend. In contrast, SEA is more of a sprint, where the results become visible much faster.

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    Digital PR

    We provide you with holistic support in developing successful digital PR strategies. In our individual consultations with you, we develop customized concepts and are also happy to advise you on selected topics related to digital PR and content marketing. 

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