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Good content is more important today than ever. Category and product texts increase sales while advice articles boost brand awareness. We deliver the best content!

Bill Gates’ “Content is King” tagline has been quoted so often that the message may seem tired—but, in fact, it is more important than ever! Without content the internet is unthinkable, and whoever has the best content can dominate their industry. Well prepared content pushes visitors to a website and encourages them to come again and again—whether it’s an advice portal or an online shop.

Search engines know that Internet users receive the best (and most compelling) search results when they’re looking for information or a product. Google and co. have therefore implemented detailed criteria by which they can interpret webpages in terms of content, rating them qualitatively to determine which pages are displayed in which position (ranking) within the search results (SERPS).

If you provide content that convinces users, it will also convince search engines. Based on our many years of experience, we know exactly how to optimally address your target group with your content—and subsequently, automatically achieve a better rank within search results. You will not only attract regulars to your website or webshop but also new visitors convinced by your content.

Suchmaschinen wissen, dass Internetnutzer den Anspruch haben, auf ihrer Suche nach einer Information oder einem Produkt die jeweils besten (also die überzeugendsten) Suchergebnisse zu erhalten. Google und Co. haben daher Kriterien, nach denen sie das Content-Angebot von Webpages inhaltlich interpretieren, qualitativ bewerten und somit festlegen, für welche Suchanfragen welche Internetseiten an welcher Position innerhalb der Suchergebnisse (SERPs) angezeigt werden (Ranking).

Wer Content zur Verfügung stellt, welcher Nutzer überzeugt, der überzeugt damit auch die Suchmaschinen. Aufgrund unserer jahrelangen Erfahrung wissen wir genau, wie Sie mit Ihren Inhalten Ihre Zielgruppe optimal ansprechen – und somit automatisch bestmöglich in den Suchergebnissen ranken. Dadurch bleiben Ihnen nicht nur bisherige Besucher Ihrer Website oder Ihres Webshops als Stammgäste erhalten, sondern es finden auch immer neue Besucher zu Ihnen, die Sie mit Ihrem Content überzeugen werden.

With good image and video content you will quickly attract attention. To keep visitors interested, you also need high-quality text content. Depending on the type of web presence, there are different types of texts that can be used: product and category texts, blogs, guidebooks and magazine texts, ad texts, app descriptions and more. A convincing website connects these texts (through internal linking) and enriches them with appealing pictures, videos, and infographics.

Such a coherent picture also ensures search engines reward your website with good rankings. We support you with our trained eye for the big picture—from the need for analysis via content auditing and content strategy development to the creation and/or optimization of content, as well as the implementation of first-class content marketing campaigns. That’s why, with Claneo, you have the best content partner by your side.

Solch ein stimmiges Gesamtbild nehmen auch die Suchmaschinen zur Kenntnis und belohnen es mit guten Ranking-Positionen. Deshalb haben Sie mit Claneo den besten Partner in Sachen Content an Ihrer Seite! Wir unterstützen Sie mit unserem geschulten Blick für das Gesamtbild, das den Erfolg ausmacht: von der Bedarfsanalyse per Content-Audit über die Entwicklung einer Content-Strategie bis hin zur Erstellung und/oder Optimierung von Content sowie zur Umsetzung erstklassiger Content-Marketing-Kampagnen – mit maximalem Impact.

Content Services

Content Audit

As part of a content audit, we record and evaluate your existing content and identify opportunities for improvement and untapped potential.

Content Strategy

Depending on the nature of your business model, your website, and your audience, varying types of content will be relevant to you. As part of a content strategy, we develop a concrete needs analysis that defines how much content, and in which form (format, targeting, keyword integration etc.), is required for maximum success.

Content Optimization

We also update your existing content, taking into account previously defined qualitative characteristics. We can also share our knowledge of best practices with your content managers and editors in workshops conducted at your location.

Content Marketing

Working together closely with your company, we conceptualize holistic content marketing campaigns and develop sophisticated seeding strategies that are highly effective, allowing you to rely entirely on our expertise.

Content Localization

If desired, we will adapt your existing content for new target markets. The process of transcreation not only includes a pure text translation into other languages, but also an upstream search in which the culturally influenced behavior of future customers is determined (such as typical use of keywords or search phrases). With this information, we can ensure that your pages will be prominent in new markets on the search results page.

Content Creation

Expert editors create new texts for your brand or products that are both valuable for future users and optimized for search engines. Our range of services covers the entire spectrum of content production—from category, product, magazine, and guide texts to app descriptions and ad texts.

Using a briefing specific to your company, we ensure all texts are tailored to the needs and expectations of your target group which, for example, results in above-average conversion rates.

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