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Quality content is more important today than ever before and not only directly influences your search engine ranking but also the success of your business. With category and product texts, you can boost sales, while guide articles enhance brand awareness. We tap into untapped topic and keyword potentials and provide you with top-notch content in more than 10 languages.

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Our SEO content services

With our wide-ranging expertise in the field of content, we support you holistically in the creation and optimization of your content. We work with you to develop a suitable strategy and ensure that your content reaches your target audience – in more than 10 languages. Below you will find a detailed overview of our services.

Content audit

As part of a content audit, we record and evaluate your existing content and uncover opportunities for improvement and unused potential. Together with you, we then develop a content strategy to close the gaps and optimize your content.

Content strategies

Depending on the nature of your business model, your website and your target group, there will be very specific types of content that will be relevant to you. Over the course of a content strategy, we work with you to develop a concrete needs analysis and determine how much content and in what form it is required for maximum success.

Content optimization

We bring your existing content up to date, while still taking into account previously defined quality characteristics. We can also pass on our knowledge of best practices to your in-house content managers and editors.

Content localization

We adapt your existing content for new target markets. We not only translate the text, but also take into account the cultural search behavior of your future customers. With localization and transcreation, we ensure that your pages are also well received in the new markets.

Content creation

Our editors create new texts for your website or products that are valuable for your users and optimized for search engines. Our services range from product texts to how-to articles and app descriptions across the entire spectrum of content production.

Content hubs

Based on the content strategy developed with you, we then build a content hub. This is a collection point for all content that addresses the problems, wishes and needs of your customers and takes the form of a magazine, an advice portal, a blog or similar.

Content workshops

In our content workshops, you’ll not only learn the basics, but you can also dive into more specific topics – customized to your individual needs.

Your benefits with Claneo as a content partner

Many years of cross-industry experience

With the help of our team’s many years of cross-industry experience, we create action plans that enable you to achieve better ranking positions and increase your relevance effectively in the long term. We provide advice on a strategic level, offer operational support and pass on our know-how through training courses.

Individual content services

In close consultation with you, we develop an individual strategy with all upcoming and ongoing measures. We support companies exactly where they need us.

Country & language experts

We offer support in more than 10 languages in-house and have expertise in the respective markets. That is why we are one of the few German agencies that can provide excellent international support for our clients.

The quality of our work is certified

We attach great importance to the quality of our work and invest specifically in the further training of our employees. For this reason, we regularly have our services and expertise audited by independent institutions such as the German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW).

Our country experts

Those who want to achieve international success in search engine optimization must first and foremost act locally. This requires country experts who are not only familiar with the search habits of the respective target group but also master the linguistic subtleties of the target market.

Our country experts support and advise you here in the areas of local SEO, onpage and offpage optimizations, SEA, content marketing, and market and target group analyses in more than 10 languages.

who grow with us

Due to the combination of competence, speed, and flexibility in our daily cooperation, we are a valued partner of renowned corporations as well as numerous SMEs and start-ups.

Success stories of our clients

Bosch All About DIY

How can a traditional company with a well-thought-out informational SEO content strategy improve its organic Google ranking? By answering the questions of its users. 

Jungheinrich PROFISHOP

This case study shows how search engine optimized and target group oriented guide content can improve important SEO-KPIs.

This is what our clients
say about working with us

  • Carolin Wachhorst

    Content Manager, toom Baumarkt
    “Claneo is a reliable partner when it comes to creating and optimizing guidebook content for our do-it-yourself area “Selbermachen”. In particular, the quality and good communication again and again convince us of our joint work.”
  • Daniel Gockel

    Online Marketing Specialist, Hella
    “When it comes to international SEO, we rely on the experience on Claneo. Together with their content experts, we are continuously optimizing our content at HELLA TECH WORLD in order to meet local requirements, while at the same time reaching customers globally.”

    This is how we work with you

    01 – Kick off

    We get to know you and your team, your international target group, your products, as well as your needs, expectations, and requirements. We coordinate responsibilities, processes, project management tools used, completion of our content briefing, and definition of the next steps. In addition, we arrange for the respective country managers to meet with our country experts to ensure optimal cooperation.

    02 – Analysis

    Based on the findings from the kick-off, we determine the status quo, review the needs per market and make an initial recommendation of the project’s priorities.

    03 – Strategy

    Development of a customized international strategy based on the company’s objectives, the current market situation, and future goals. In our outside-in analysis, we specifically address the customer and define the right keywords and topics for a market-specific optimization of the country domains or country directories. In the recommendations for optimization, we address both technical and content-related factors and ensure that the right international domain setup is selected.

    04 – Implementation

    Based on the international strategy, we work together with our customers to implement our recommendations for action. In doing so, we work in harmony with the customer’s specialist departments, as well as technical agencies. Due to the constant exchange between our customers and us, all parties involved are always informed about the current status of the project. We attach great importance to regular feedback loops and transparent communication. Our goal is always to use our capacities and resources based on the needs of our customers and to bring our years of international know-how into the company.

    05 – Reporting

    Search & content marketing is constantly changing, so a defined strategy must be constantly scrutinized and adapted to market conditions. Our monitoring and reporting processes ensure that we identify changes in performance at an early stage and interpret the development in future recommendations for action.

    Frequently asked questions

    What do we mean with “content”?

    In the field of online marketing, the term content refers to all content on a website. This includes text content, as well as images, graphics, videos, and more. In addition, good content not only contributes to increasing visitor numbers and a longer dwell time, but it also plays a significant role in the placement of a website in the results of search engines.

    For whom is (international) content relevant?

    Interesting and qualitative content is relevant for basically everyone who operates a website. International content, on the other hand, is aimed at those website operators who also sell their services and products in other countries and need to offer their website in additional languages accordingly. Here, it is extremely important not to simply translate the website with a translation program, but to act locally. This requires country experts who are familiar with the search habits of the respective target group, as well as the linguistic subtleties of the target market.             

    What factors play a decisive role in the area of international content?

    To ensure that international content also performs well, it is essential that the content is translated by native speakers. Linguistic and cultural differences, as well as the search behavior of users in the respective target country are taken into account.

    However, since the user experience should also reflect the different local expectations of users, such as other units of measurement, time zones, payment methods, quality seals, and the meaning of colors can also play a decisive role.

    What is a content audit?

    During a content audit, we record specific metrics based on the objectives of our customers that we use in the next step to evaluate existing content.

    Qualitative and quantitative metrics for the evaluation of the content can include:

    • Word count
    • Character count of titles and descriptions
    • Inclusion of relevant keywords in content elements such as headlines, body text, snippets, etc.
    • Use of structural elements and HTML markups
    • Number of incoming and outgoing links
    • Distribution of content across directories/subdomains/domains
    • Clustering of content according to different search intentions (transactional/informational/navigational)

    Together with our customers, we evaluate the results of the content audit and subsequently develop a content strategy to close the gaps and exploit the full potential.

    The content audit aims to close unused topics and keyword potentials of a website and optimally pick up and guide website visitors by using a consistent language style and a clear orientation of the texts towards a search intention.

    Also here we can support you

    Content Marketing

    We conceptualize holistic content marketing campaigns and develop sophisticated seeding strategies with maximum effectiveness. We focus on the marketing of informative content rather than on the mere promotion of services or products. You can fully rely on our expertise to implement value-added content marketing campaigns on your website.

    Offpage SEO

    As a digital search marketing agency, we provide you with individual and targeted support in all core areas of offpage SEO. Our international team of experts develops sustainable strategies in close consultation with you and has already helped customers, such as Henkel, Coop, HelloFresh, and Viessmann achieve visible and long-term success.

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