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Doctolib erzielt über 60 Clippings durch Facharzt-Kampagne




Medical, E-Health


  • Conception and idea generation

  • Marketing research

  • Content and graphics creation

  • Seeding

  • Reporting and analysis



How a digital PR campaign with a strong local focus, can achieve great PR reach.



Doctolib is one of the leading e-health companies in Europe. It enables users to book medical appointments online. The company uses an intelligent software solution to help doctors and clinics work together more efficiently, productively, and with fewer resources. In order to increase brand awareness and simultaneously underline the company’s status as a healthcare expert, we conducted a survey on physician care in Germany in cooperation with Doctolib.

Using targeted seeding, with a focus on specialist and local media, we helped Doctolib achieve 68 clippings and improved brand awareness.

The challenge

We wanted to strengthen Doctolib’s online presence with the help of a digital PR campaign. The goal was thus to increase brand awareness. The target set before the start of the campaign was 15-20 clippings. A clipping is any mention of the campaign. This includes backlinks, mentions in online and offline media and posts on social media. The target market for the campaign was Germany.

The solution

  • Development and conception of a Digital PR campaign

  • Research and compilation of a trustworthy data set

  • Content and technical implementation and development of a landing page

  • Creation of appealing visualizations

  • Targeted distribution of content (seeding)

The implementation

With the specialist campaign, we set ourselves the goal of comparing medical care in Germany, especially in rural regions. We wanted to highlight regional differences and show which areas are particularly lacking in specialists. Due to the emotionality associated with a sensitive topic such as medical care, we specifically wrote to regional media from areas that scored particularly well or particularly poorly according to our survey.

To ensure that the data we used was appropriate to the topic, we used the physician demand planning survey of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) as the basis for our study. The KBV survey takes into account regional characteristics, such as the co-supply of cities for surrounding areas or the average age of patients. This ensures that the data on the respective region is as true and meaningful as possible. Nevertheless, the reality in the respective regions can vary and dynamic circumstances can lead to actual availability being different from that in the data used.

The results

After the publication of the campaign “Deutschlands Fach:ärztinnen” Doctolib was excited to have received almost 70 clippings. These clippings included industry-relevant media including ZWP online or ZMK Aktuell, important regional media such as TZ and Merkur, but also important national media with the likes of SZ and Frankfurter Rundschau. The goal of increasing brand awareness in the professional media as well as the level of awareness of the Doctolib brand has thus been achieved through the appointment booking portal.

Since the figures on physician supply in Germany are so-called evergreen content, the campaign can be resent to journalists every year with updated figures. Moreover, further clippings can be generated and brand awareness further increased, since the results of the campaign prove that the interest of the multipliers could be aroused with the topic.





About Doctolib

Founded in 2013, Doctolib is now one of the leading e-health companies in Europe. Doctolib has been active in Germany since 2017. The German headquarters is located in Berlin. With its innovative medical software solution, the company improves the day-to-day work of more than 300,000 healthcare professionals, 20,000 of them in Germany, to ensure fast and equal access to healthcare. More than 60 million Europeans, including 10 million Germans, use Doctolib to securely book appointments and manage their healthcare needs. In total, the company employs more than 600 people in 11 locations throughout Germany who are committed to positively shaping the healthcare sector. 

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